Playing around with FlickrAPI

As a programming challenge, our Python guru Kushal da gave us an assignment to make a python program that downloads all the photoes from a given set from

He gave it some days back and I came to know about it through Ria. I’ve been thinking to start it but last night I saw khushi was talking about that program. So I felt that, I should also try it seriously.

After a good amount of web surfing, I came to know many things about FlickrAPI and there’s mainly two user library in python for it. One is the Beej’s Guide and the another is

I found many people is suggesting the later and I also found it easier.

So I went along with the code. experimenting all the methods, attiributes in it, and found it a powerful tool to interact with flickr. After a whole night again, in early morning, I made it.

The code and can be found here.

But you have to use your own API key to use that. Just browse the file and put your API key into the API_KEY constant.

I got really interested in various APIs since then and hoping to try a hand at Google API also.

Miles to go before I sleep. 🙂


LZW Compression and Decompression

I was kinda down for last 4 days, thanks to BSNL broadband service. I missed several classes at #dgplug and missed talking and discussing with friends. But still, I tried a C program on Lempel Ziv Welch Compression and decompression Algorithm.

Actually I made it for one of my very special friends, who is currently at IIT Bombay doing her tiresome Project work. Though, the Algorithm wasn’t anything to give trouble, I missed perl and python very much.

After 3 hours of non stop coding and then 5 (!) hours of debugging session, I made it.

I’ve uploaded the code into my svn account at dgplug

Since then, I’m thinking about making the LZW Algorithm even more effective.

Something’s going to come up in few days. Watch out for that. 🙂

dgpLUG Summer Training

on June, 26 I got a mail from DgpLUG Mailing List. It was stated there that  they are going
to start an interactive session on Linux and the training period will
contain a Real Life project work also after completion of training.
Without waiting another moment, I sent my request email for
participating. So that’s how I came to IRC… Learned how to use it.
RTFM , obviously :).

Since then, I’ve gone through various classes like Programing in gcc (by Prasad J Pundit _pjp_), Shell by Rishi, Programing in Python and Vim Editor by Kushal Das himself and Program cross referencing and How to ask questions wisely!!! by mbuf, Parthan took Wiki… etc…

Last night Kushal took a very useful class on SVN. Though missed the entire thing due to Loadshedding..:P .. Ria helped me as ever! She guided me through the basics, and she told me that I was really fast learner! I’ve completed in 5 minites. So sweet. 🙂