Trouble with “/etc/X11/xorg.conf”

Heya… It’s been a long long time since my last post in here. I’m sorry, I went totally haywire from the Linux world… Only Academics and all that Master’s Degree plans… 😛

Well, Since 2 weeks, I’m back with my Linux box tweaks. Tonight, At very early hours, I was trying to install the new nVidia Driver into my machine. They have closed the rpm repository so the installation is a complex procedure now… You’ve to configure the xorg.conf file, then close the X server, and then, another problem may arise if you don’t have any precompiled kernel but only the binary image of it. I had, unfortunately nVidia installation software stopped me right there and as it was very late, I was gearing up for bed, then the bolt came from the blue.

I tried to restore my X server back by [ALT+F7] and it failed, giving a quick and scrolled error message. What I guessed that, It has something to do with what I’ve changed.


I just checked, what was wrong with that, ( I had my command line shell 🙂 )and I found I’ve left the server name in

Section “Device”
Identifier  “Videocard0”
Driver      “nvidia”
EndSection ,

The root of the problem was the word, nvidia. Which I recalled, earlier was, nv. Actually what happened, HAL didn’t find any device named nvidia… that’s it so X server failed.

I changed that. and restarted.

Everything worked fine, until the login screen. I was shocked to see that my keyboard is not working! 😦

I logged into my root accnt by help of on-screen keyboard and again oened the xorg.conf file. There I found,

# keyboard added by rhpxl
Identifier  “Keyboard0”
Driver      “nvidia”
Option        “XkbModel” “pc105”
Option        “XkbLayout” “us”

How silly of me… 😦 I’ve mistakenly put the keyboard driver also as nvidia which was earlier, intuitively, “kbd”

I changed that and restarted again.. and Whoa… Life is peaceful once again.. ! 😀

Motto of the text : Always have a backup file while tweaking with system files !

Hope this experience will someday be a help to you… 🙂 Signing off… Need a sleep seriously… 😀 … Good Night… or rather, mornin’.. 🙂

Love you sweetheart… 🙂


Playing around with FlickrAPI

As a programming challenge, our Python guru Kushal da gave us an assignment to make a python program that downloads all the photoes from a given set from

He gave it some days back and I came to know about it through Ria. I’ve been thinking to start it but last night I saw khushi was talking about that program. So I felt that, I should also try it seriously.

After a good amount of web surfing, I came to know many things about FlickrAPI and there’s mainly two user library in python for it. One is the Beej’s Guide and the another is

I found many people is suggesting the later and I also found it easier.

So I went along with the code. experimenting all the methods, attiributes in it, and found it a powerful tool to interact with flickr. After a whole night again, in early morning, I made it.

The code and can be found here.

But you have to use your own API key to use that. Just browse the file and put your API key into the API_KEY constant.

I got really interested in various APIs since then and hoping to try a hand at Google API also.

Miles to go before I sleep. 🙂