LZW Compression and Decompression

I was kinda down for last 4 days, thanks to BSNL broadband service. I missed several classes at #dgplug and missed talking and discussing with friends. But still, I tried a C program on Lempel Ziv Welch Compression and decompression Algorithm.

Actually I made it for one of my very special friends, who is currently at IIT Bombay doing her tiresome Project work. Though, the Algorithm wasn’t anything to give trouble, I missed perl and python very much.

After 3 hours of non stop coding and then 5 (!) hours of debugging session, I made it.

I’ve uploaded the code into my svn account at dgplug

Since then, I’m thinking about making the LZW Algorithm even more effective.

Something’s going to come up in few days. Watch out for that. 🙂