a hello world introduction to internationalization in Linux using C

Hello, world!
i was thinking to read/write some do-it-yourself code for internationalization. This Awesome link explains it all. what is i18n and everything of how to do that in your code. Now obviously i tried the whole process, changed my LANG variable by bn_IN but no change in output. it was old “hello, world!” 😦
i searched a bit and then come up with the fact that i’ll have to first select the locale for using.

The steps are:

0. See the supported locales by : $ cat /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED (you can see, for bangla, it is bn_IN UTF-8 (see te space between bn_IN and UTF-8 .. it’s not ‘.’ it’s a space))
1. $ sudo gedit /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local

2. for Bengali, you add bn_IN UTF-8

3.$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

4. if all goes well, export the environment variables LANG and LANGUAGE as:
$ export LANG=bn_IN
$ export LANGUAGE=bn_IN:bn

5. run your program. 🙂 hopefully it’ll work. worked for me!


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