(re) compiling stuff and all

This is a blog post after over an year. and i call this year a black period of my life. nothing was done. literally. there is absolutely nothing i can say that i did in the whole fucking year. except brooding over lack of general inspirations. obviously i’m an idiot and i guess everybody knew this all along the way. except me. and now that i’ve realised it, i’m going to, erm, re-structure a thing or two on my usually (again complain :P) less-spacious table.

Just read a blogpost about compilers (and the meaning of life !) and that was cool. one hour from now i’m going to teach python and general programing tid-bits to local schoolchildren for the 6th day and i love it.

as i’m approaching slowly to my final straw (explanations on a future blog post) i’m having The Muses   having a good look on me. this little 2 hour sessions of programming with these schoolchildren of grade 9 to 12 has given me yet another idea about making something fundamentally different and progressive approach for the dreaded “programming” stuff to the, erm, normal people with all their hairs (yes, both the way) intact.

hope to see you in 6 months on this. hehe.


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