accessing SVN through a proxy server

Just now i found out the way to access svn servers through a proxy. i was having problems with my institute proxy server refusing connections via svn.

Here’s my solution:

cd ~/.subversion/

gedit servers

now you should be presented with a file explaining all the things.

Go to the end of the file. you’ll see a tag [global]


http-proxy-exceptions = *,

http-proxy-host = your.proxy.server.address

http-proxy-port = 8080 (or the port of http proxy if it’s something other than 8080)

#http-proxy-username =

#http-proxy-password =

http-compression = no


keep in mind the NO-indentation. don’t give any extra space beteen or at the front of the line. a # means a comment.


now use svn through your proxy.. no stopping.. !


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