IBM Certification… DB2 !

Today was the last day of our entire course in IBM Corp. The Exam time… 😛 I was delving into SQL queries, and stored procedure and DB2 commands and was trying hard to get a hold at Database System Administration… The IBM way! Hmph.. Me studying DBMS.. finally.

I was in a bit tension today, woke up 6 am in the morning. Then the 3 Hour hike all the way to Kolkata, IBM center. To my surprise, the exam went in a breeze, and way before the time limit, I realised that I actually have answered all of my questions, with a doubt at 2 occasions though!

Then we wnt to City Center in Salt Lake, Kolkata. Chilled out with girls.. 😉 had some food, and returned back to home to finish up my unfinished codings.. 🙂

Hope, the results will also be a chocolate box..:D Yummy…


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