dgpLUG Summer Training

on June, 26 I got a mail from DgpLUG Mailing List. It was stated there that  they are going
to start an interactive session on Linux and the training period will
contain a Real Life project work also after completion of training.
Without waiting another moment, I sent my request email for
participating. So that’s how I came to IRC… Learned how to use it.
RTFM , obviously :).

Since then, I’ve gone through various classes like Programing in gcc (by Prasad J Pundit _pjp_), Shell by Rishi, Programing in Python and Vim Editor by Kushal Das himself and Program cross referencing and How to ask questions wisely!!! by mbuf, Parthan took Wiki… etc…

Last night Kushal took a very useful class on SVN. Though missed the entire thing due to Loadshedding..:P .. Ria helped me as ever! She guided me through the basics, and she told me that I was really fast learner! I’ve completed in 5 minites. So sweet. 🙂


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